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Firefighters Conduct Safety Training at the Affiliated Kindergarten

author:Wang Zeguang Time:Mar 19, 2024 page views:

To further advance fire safety publicity and effectively enhance fire safety awareness and self-rescue/mutual aid capabilities among teachers and students, on the morning of March 15th, Li Yunsu, Station Chief of the Bayi Road Station under the Hongshan District Fire Rescue Detachment, was invited to SCMU’s affiliated kindergarten to conduct the “Fire Safety First Class” themed education activity.

Close Contact with Firefighters. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Li Yunsu took on the role of a teacher, explaining the importance of fire safety to the teachers and students. He systematically elaborated on common fire causes and prevention, response methods during fires, fire equipment and signage identification, and the usage of fire extinguishers. Li interacted with the senior class children, with the “little fire wardens” eagerly raising questions and voicing their thoughts, attentively listening to the station chief’s explanations. Firefighter Jiang He guided the children in understanding the functions of various equipment and demonstrated fire-fighting equipment usage.

Experiencing Fire-fighting Equipment. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

Accompanied by Vice Principal Mao Zhiling, Li Yunsu and his team inspected the classrooms and canteen, comprehensively examining evacuation routes and exits, the  effectiveness of fire facilities, and whether canteen staff were familiar with using fire extinguishers. Li praised the kindergarten’s strong sense of fire safety management responsibility and meticulous daily routines while providing further suggestions for optimizing fire facilities.

Examining on Using Fire Extinguisher. Photographed by Wang Zeguang

After the activity, Principal Li Meiju expressed that the activity significantly enhanced children’s interest and participation, comprehensively improving the kindergarten’s fire response capabilities. Going forward, the kindergarten will continue solidifying the “safety first” mindset, carefully managing fire safety to build a secure, harmonious, and stable environment.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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