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SCMU Holds Tree Planting Day Activities

author:Ma Jiayin, Lu Lan Time:Mar 13, 2024 page views:

On March 12th, coinciding with the 46th National Tree Planting Day, the university’s functional departments and schools organized tree-planting activities at Nanhu Garden, the eastern side of the Third Cafeteria, and the affiliated kindergarten.

In the early morning, the kindergarten children started their day by tree planting with tiny shovels. Led by their teachers, the children went to an open area within the kindergarten grounds, dug holes with their tools, placed seedlings into the holes, filled them with soil, watered them, and trimmed the leaves. Ms. Li Meiju from the kindergarten said, “Wuhan recently suffered from a freezing rain. By participating in this tree-planting activity, the children can gain a deeper understanding of natural phenomena while also fostering an awareness of environmental protection. Moreover, planting pomegranate trees will deeply instill the sense of community for the Chinese nation in their hearts, uniting people of all ethnicities as closely as pomegranate seeds”.

Kindergarten Children are Watering Newly Planted Trees.

Photographed by Lin Jiangshan

Staff from the Logistics Support Department, the Graduate Student Party Branch of Social Work under the School of Ethnology and Sociology, and the School Student Union planted pomegranate trees at Nanhu Garden. Under the guidance of the Gardening Department staff, the male students used shovels to loosen the soil around the trees, while the female students used rakes to clear fallen leaves from the orange grove. After about an hour of labor, they swapped tools to experience both tasks and collectively watered the trees. At that moment of planting the large pomegranate trees, the teachers and students felt a sense of accomplishment.

Tree Planting Scene. Photo Provided by the School of Ethnology and Sociology

In the afternoon, led by Lan Yongli, Deputy Party Secretary of the School of Resources and Environment, more than 40 students from the School’s Student Party Branch visited the university’s pomegranate garden. They renewed the Party oath, maintained the pomegranate trees, and held a message plaque-hanging activity. Working in groups of three, they raked dead branches and leaves around the trees to create a favorable growing environment. For compacted soil areas, they loosened the earth with shovels to improve aeration and root growth. Through diligent efforts, the students revitalized the pomegranate garden. Finally, they hung placards with messages like “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and “All ethnic groups united like pomegranate seeds” on the trees, symbolizing their commitment to the trees’ blossoming, environmental protection, and ethnic unity.

Staff and Students Hold Message Plaque-hanging Activity.

Photo Provided by the School of Resources and Environment

After the activity, Tang Jiahui, a 2023 Environmental Science and Engineering student, shared his reflections. He said the activity left a lasting impression, allowing him to learn some maintenance skills while deepening his understanding of environmental protection’s importance. He viewed the activity as a vivid embodiment of the Lei Feng spirit and practical implementation of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought. As a youth of the new era, he vowed to actively respond to the General Secretary’s call in his future studies and life, dedicating himself to environmental protection endeavors while safeguarding ethnic unity and promoting prosperity among all ethnic groups.

Edited by Lei Changsheng, reviewed by Gui Sunlai

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