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1,500 SCMU Faculty and Staff Join Healthy Campus Walk for Women’s Day

author:Li Yuanxing, Luo Manzhen Time:Mar 8, 2024 page views:

The mild sunshine and blossoming spring greenery set the perfect backdrop as SCMU held its “March 8th” International Women’s Day Campus Walking Event on the noon of March 7th. Organized by the University Trade Union, the event attracted participants from 30 teams totaling over 1,500 faculty and staff members.

QR Code Check-in. Photographed by Li Yuanxing

Themed “Forging the Sense of Community for the Chinese Nation, Walking in Shared Health”, the event aimed to enrich the cultural lives of faculty and staff while encouraging outdoor activity beyond work. After meticulous planning by the Trade Union and coordination across units, teams assembled at the Art Museum plaza before traversing the designated route between the South Sports Ground and plaza. Participants organized into teams representing their respective grassroots unions. Post check-in, they embarked together on the spring walk, unit flags held high and fluttering in the breeze. Faculty and staff strolled in groups or individually, some briskly walking while others jogged at a leisurely pace, taking in the scenic campus views and engaging in casual chatter.

Campus Walk. Photographed by Li Yuanxing

The event received widespread praise. Yang Jinzhou from the School of Marxism noted it strengthened the collective sense of honor and cohesion while promoting exercise awareness for better work performance. “I hope the university organizes more diverse events like this,” he said. Cha Dongmei from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science highlighted the lively, health-promoting nature of the noontime activity without disrupting work or studies.

After the walk, team leaders gathered their units for commemorative group photos under the sunny sky, with the smiling staff’s expressions embodying the vibrant spring spirit.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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