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“Voices of Spring” Concert Enchants at Optics Valley

author:Wang Hao, Wang Yile, Shan Yufan Time:Apr 22, 2024 page views:

Melodies from millennia-old zithers, the poetic heartbeat of Chinese civilization-the “Voices of Spring” guqin and poetry recitation concert on April 20th immersed students in traditional cultural splendor, further strengthening the sense of community for the Chinese nation. It was part of the “Celebrating PRC’s 75th Anniversary” series of events.

The first half featured spellbinding guqin pieces like “Spring Breeze” and “Flowing Stream”, tempos ebbing and flowing, transfixing the audience. Innovative vocal ensembles seamlessly blended classical and modern poetic chanting styles in renditions such as “Spring Poetry” and “Pusaman”.

The second half showcased a constellation of maestros. “River-Town Ballad” and “Mooring for the Night at Maple Bridge” vividly captured Su Shi’s grandiloquence. Over a dozen teachers delivered “Ascent from the Plain” with powerful melancholy-“Apes howl mournfully, birds take flight o’er shoals”.

Young virtuoso Zhao Zitian evoked misty river scenes through Guo Chuwang’s “Cloud and Water Dwelling Music of the Hsiao Hsiang”, expressing longing for home. Ding Nishang’s guqin “The Song of Ch’u Yuan” exuded profound antiquity. National inheritor Ding Chengyun, zither master Fu Lina and Ding Nishang jointly performed the rhythmic “The Zephyrs of Spring”, sublime harmony personified. Concluding, they chanted “Ode to the Southwind”-“May southern winds bring peace and prosperity.”

Chorus “Ascent from the Plain”. Photographed by Wang Yile

Men’s chorus “River-Town Ballad”. Photographed by Liang Ranran

Solo “Cloud and Water Dwelling Music of the Hsiao Hsiang”

Photographed by Luo Yi

“Four months of preparation culminated in tonight’s riveting performance, immersing all in the magic of poetry and zither,” said Wang Xuerou, Lingfeng Guqin Society President. “As a guqin lover, this audiovisual feast of heritage was captivating. I hope for more such events,” remarked Wang Yu, students from the School of Literature, Journalism and Communication.

The concert, organized by the Trade Union, School of Literature, Journalism and Communication, Library, School of Music and Dances, and student groups, showcased youth innovatively developing China’s cultural legacies through guqin, zither, classical/modern poetry recitation by over 50 performers-a vivid embodiment of strengthening the sense of community for the Chinese nation.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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