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Spring Day Celebration Held at SCMU

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On April 14th, SCMU held its second annual Spring Day celebration. It split into an afternoon garden fair and evening gala, attracting over 3,000 participants from the university.

The garden fair featured 21 exhibition booths from various schools, showcasing professional programs through interactive displays and games. Popular favorites included the Schools of Marxism, Economics, Electronic Engineering’ booths with quizzes, handicrafts and performances highlighting ethnic culture and policies. “The booths really captured our specialties in engaging ways,” said Xiong Yongheng,  “and we could share the Party’s ethnic theories and strengthen the sense of community for the Chinese nation in a relaxed setting.”

Booth with quizzes. Photographed by Zhang Yuwei

Booth with art. Photographed by Liu Yuxin

As dusk fell, the celebration concluded with a 19-performance gala blending ethnic song, dance and poetry. The economics students’ mashup of viral hit “Climb That Mountain” and classic “As Plentiful As Snow” was a crowd favorite. “Seeing everyone sitting together, hand-in-hand like pomegranate seeds, really embodied the spirit of ethnic unity we hoped to create,” said the event organizer from the University Youth League Committee.

Evening gala. Photographed by Zhu Bingqi

Evening gala. Photographed by Gu Jingjing

Aimed at furthering interethnic exchange and integration, the celebration, organized by the Youth League Committee, hosted by the Graduate Student Union, and co-organized by the graduate student unions of 21 schools, is part of the university’s efforts to build a comprehensive education platform nurturing a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng

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