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SCMU’s Art Troupe Receives Acclamation for Performances in Argentina

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Commissioned by the Center for Language Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, SCMU’s art troupe touring South America gave three brilliant performances of Chinese ethnic dances at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Córdoba from May 1st to 5th, bringing a spectacular cultural showcase to the local communities.

The 18-member delegation, led by Song Fajun, Vice Party Secretary and Vice President of SCMU, performed for an audience of over 1,700, including officials from the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Argentina, such as Huang Kangyi, as well as university representatives like Iván Bigas, Director of International Affairs at the University of Buenos Aires; Zhang Qi, Chinese President of the Confucius Institute; Maia Hoffman, Project Officer for Strategic Affairs in International Relations; Pablo Cullinan, Teaching and Cultural Director of the Confucius Institute; Elena Perez, Vice President and Director of International Affairs at the University of Córdoba; Marcelo, Director of Development Planning and Chair of the Confucius Institute Board; Chen Lin, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute; and Mirian Carballo, Argentine Director of the Confucius Institute.

The Performance Scene. Photographed by Shao Xiaoming

The performances opened with the lively grand ethnic dance “Flowers in Full Bloom”. The program featured a rich array of Chinese ethnic dances, interspersed with demonstrations of traditional Chinese musical instruments like the horse-head fiddle and martial arts. The spectacular show, filled with climactic moments, treated the audience to a high-quality audiovisual feast.

Ethnic Dance “Flowers in Full Bloom”. Photographed by Shao Xiaoming

Ethnic Dance “Resplendent Martial Arts”. Photographed by Shao Xiaoming

Teachers from the University of Buenos Aires presented tango dances and music performances with distinct Argentine flair, while students from the vocal department of the University of Córdoba sang the classic Chinese song “Beautiful Jasmine Flower”. With artists from China and Argentina sharing the stage and exchanging insights, the performances sparked an enthusiastic response. After the show, the venue was filled with cheers, laughter, and prolonged applause. Audience members lingered, taking photos with the performers and engaging in lively conversations. Huang Kangyi commended the performances and wished the troupe success in completing their scheduled tour and cultural exchange activities.

Local students sing Chinese songs. Photographed by Shao Xiaoming

The art troupe will continue to hold multiple performances and cultural exchange events at the University of Buenos Aires, University of Córdoba, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, University of Santo Tomás, and other institutions.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng, May 9, 2024

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