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34th Hubei Province Shuttlecock Championship 2024 Held at SCMU

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On June 22-23, the 34th Hubei Province Shuttlecock Championship 2024 was held in the gymnasium of SCMU. The event was co-hosted by the Hubei Provincial Social Sports Management Center and SCMU, and organized by the Hubei Shuttlecock Association and SCMU’s School of Physical Education. The championship attracted a record-breaking 466 athletes from 64 teams representing various enterprises, institutions, shuttlecock associations, clubs, colleges, and schools across the province. A total of 240 matches were played, making this the largest tournament in its history.

Yan Hanhua, Director of the Hubei Provincial Social Sports Management Center, Deputy Director Xiao Kun, and leaders from the School of Physical Education attended the opening ceremony. Jin Ning, a teacher from SCMU, served as the deputy chief referee for the competition.The competition strictly followed the latest Shuttlecock Competition Rules approved by the Chinese Shuttlecock Association. It featured two categories: student group (middle and primary schools) and adult group (including universities). The competition included three main events: attack shuttlecock, adult flat kick shuttlecock, and freestyle circle shuttlecock, with a total of nine sub-events. Twenty members of SCMU’s shuttlecock team participated in this competition.

Shuttlecock competition. Photo by Jin Ning

Deng Jingling, a member of SCMU’s shuttlecock team, commented,“This competition is not only an intense sport event but also a valuable opportunity for exchange and learning.”She also mentioned that she would continue to train hard to improve her competitive skills and strive for better results for the university.

On June 20-21, under the guidance of the Provincial Social Sports Center, the 2024 Hubei Province National First-Class Shuttlecock Referee and Coach Training Course, along with the Second-Class Social Sports Instructor Training Course, was held in SCMU’s gymnasium. The training course primarily focused on strengthening the talent pool for shuttlecock in Hubei Province and enhancing the professional and standardized development of the sport.This event showcases SCMU’s commitment to promoting traditional Chinese sports and its role in developing sports talent in the region.

Edited by Liu Qiong, reviewed by Lei Changsheng, June 25, 2024

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